Activo intérprete e investigador de la Guitarra en la Generación del 27'
con apoyo de INJUVE y Premio de la crítica "El Primer Palau"


Graduated in Seville School of Music, under the supervision of Gaëlle Solal, Samuel Diz broadened his artistic training with guitarists Alen Garagic and Daekun Jang, as well as under the supervision of José Luis Rodrigo in several music courses in Compostela, where he received the Andrés Segovia – J.M. Ruiz Morales Award.

Samuel Diz has performed in several halls and festivals around Europe, America and Africa. Particularly remarkable are his performances at the Palace of Catalan Music and Juan March Foundation (Spain), University College Cork (Ireland), Ljubljana Modri Salon (Slovenia), Cucugnan Chamber Music Festival (France), Benito Fred Theatre (Puerto Rico), Harare International Festival of the Arts (Zimbabwe), The Council of Latin American and Iberian Studies in the University of Yale and Boston University (USA).

Samuel Diz completes his academic itinerary with a postgraduate diploma in Music Business Management from Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona, and he is currently the artistic director of the festival Música no Claustro in Tui’s Cathedral (Galicia - Spain).

The world-renowned poet and playwright Federico García Lorca published his first book 'Impresiones y paisajes' in 1918, when he was 19 years old. Dedicated to his music teacher Antonio Segura, this book is a series of meditations on spanish art, landscapes, music and history, memories from his youth travels across northern Spain.

García Lorca recovered Spanish popular songs that he has often played on the piano. In 1931, Lorca recorded these songs with La Argentinita (His Master's Voice). Lorca achieved international recognition as an iconic member of the Generation of '27. He was executed by Nationalist forces in 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Samuel Diz (Spain, 1986) researches and performs the role played by the guitar in Lorca's life through the music of Manuel de Falla, Rosita García Ascot, Salvador Bacarisse, Robert Gerhard and others composers who contributed to the renaissance of the Spanish musical language at the beginning of the XX century.

Samuel Diz's last album 'Impresiones y paisajes, like Lorca's first book' lays a bridge between these recovered historical pieces and the contemporary work for guitar by Fernando Buide del Real (Spain, 1980), offering a musical approach which revolves around Spain through the guitar.

This work has been supported by Spanish Government Young Creative Awards and received 'El Primer Palau' Critics Awards following Samuel Diz's debut at the Palace of Catalan Music.

Photographies by ©Xosé Durán
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"La música y el conocimiento sólo llegan si se tocan"